Friday, May 15, 2009

Sunshine and Roses

Today I'm very grateful for the sunshine (after a few days of dreary, cold weather). My body doesn't deal well with the unsettled, cold, low atmospheric pressure days, so I plan to soak up as much sun as I can today.

A few years ago I struggled with growing roses. They were in my front flowerbed, on the south side of our house which is sunny when the sun cares to shine in our part of the world. I could not understand why they were doing so poorly. Eventually I realized that the two trees in my front yard were providing shade during the heat of the day, which was great for keeping my house cooler on hot days, but did nothing for my struggling roses. I moved them to a sunnier location and enjoyed their thriving beauty last summer.

Human roses, like me, and you (?) need lots of sunshine too so we can be at our best. Don't forget the sunscreen. I'm off to soak up some rays!

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