Thursday, July 16, 2009

It's Not Canda Day but oh....

It's not Canada Day but oh how blessed we are.

I took the car for a service appointment this morning and caught a shuttle ride home. The shuttle driver had a heavy accent so I asked what nationality he is. "Bosnian," came his reply. I asked lots of questions and discovered he has lived in CDN for a number of years but did experience some of the ethnic cleansing that we heard so much about.

I also noted that he had part of a digit missing on one hand and walked with an aid, though a relatively young man. He told me of being taken to a 'camp' for 8 months so I inquired if he had been torchered. "Many of us were beaten many times. Sometimes the beatings were so severe that a person became unrecognizable. When asked who it was, the person was unable to identify himself because his mouth was swollen so badly." He was guardedly cautious in his responses and I did not push for more details.

He told that he was of the 'wrong' kind so that's why he was taken to this camp. He had been betrayed by a school friend. When I queried if it was because he was a Christian he said, "Muslim. The Catholics and Muslims in our community were on the wrong side." His mental pain was obvious though quiet.

Man's inhumanity to man never ceases to bewilder me. We are so incredibly blessed to be living in a country that has a Christian heritage. Oh that it will continue for generations to come. May our children and grandchildren and their children be aware of the mercies of our God towards us and honor Him for it all. May our politicians acknowledge God's goodness to us and seek His guidance so that our country may continue strong and free and blessed by The Almighty One.