Friday, October 22, 2010

Distractions Prayer

Oh the distractions!
So many things not on my 'to do' list
hit my eyes and mind.
- sticking to my floor as I walk,
creating a need to wash the floor and the throw rug
...someone spilled a drink without cleaning it up
on their hurry out the door this morning.
Thank You they have a job.
Thank You I have time to clean up after them.

- a young neighbor mom with her two wee children, outside
...she needs to know about the dangerous offender
in our neighborhood yesterday.
Thank You I was aware of it and able
to reinforce our need to be vigilant.
Please protect our neighborhood against crime and violence.

- a radio talk show about human slavery
Thank You I could listen to this program, while washing my floor,
becoming better informed about crime in my neighborhood,
my city, my country, my world.

Thank You for reminding me the best way to combat crime
is getting to know my neighbors. 
Talking to people around us,
building relational bridges,
may create a bridge to someone else's freedom.

Keep me alert to the needs of others.
Show me ways to be Your hands, Your feet, Your light
to a world that so desperately needs Your touch.