Friday, September 16, 2011

Slime Bags

While walking to the mall today, I watched a slithery slime bag thrust his tentacles of abuse around a young lady. His vile venom repulsed me, even from a distance. My heart ached for her as she rushed past him and headed towards the bus stop. He sat against a fence enjoying the warmth of sunshine, chatting on a cell phone, and taking great delight in cutting the young lady who shared his home to emotional shreds.

She stopped at a bus shelter a few blocks away and I joined her to offer salve for her wounds. We were out of sight of the attacker and alone. Tears immediately flowed through nervous cigarette puffs and apologies for both.

"You do not deserve to be treated that way and you do not have to continue living in that abusive home.  There is help for you."  I continued to pour out healing ointments of encouragement and directed her to a hospital for the soul.

Please join me in praying she will seek the help she needs and be set free from the chains of abuse that enslave her.