Monday, May 18, 2009

Gratitude is a Discipline

Learning to think and express gratitude when life is throwing you 'crap' is a decided self discipline and, just like brushing your teeth, after consistent effort it becomes easier to do and eventually one can engage it without a second thought.

This morning I was very grateful that my husband was home when we discovered 2 of the neighbor's 3 friendly, rambunctious Husky dogs in our back yard. My husband loves dogs and makes friends with them almost immediately. I tolerate dogs but most of them know that I don't easily give them much affection. Instinctively they gravitate towards me, either to attempt to win my affection or to harass me (I'm guessing the latter!).

Somehow they entered our back yard from their back yard, possibly through a loose fence board. In the short while they enjoyed our premises, their signature was left on our lawn, in my flower beds, and on my glass patio doors. It's a good thing they were discovered by us and their owners in short order before any serious damage was done or I might have had to work harder at exercising amicable behaviour.

Hubby and their owners quickly guided them back to their pen and I surveyed the damage, which in reality was very minimal. Another reason to be grateful.


Melanie said...

Good GRIEF!! I hope daddy got the fence mended...

Char said...

He put some very heavy rocks against the fence on our side. No more dog visits since then :)