Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Pouring Lemons?

Today it poured. Rain, snow, sleet, hail...all at once, leaving piles of white stuff on the lawn and wherever the wind blew it.

This is May, for goodness sakes...we are supposed to have sunshine and flowers, so I was taught as a child. But then, I grew up in SE Alberta in near desert conditions during the summer so it probably doesn't apply to Calgary.

I grew up with the phrase, April showers bring May flowers.

I suppose in Calgary it's May showers bring June/July flowers.

I'm so glad I was taught to make lemonade when life gives me lemons.

I am grateful for flowers whenever they arrive.


SewnAgain said...

Hi Charlotte, I read your Life with Papa blog. You have certainly honoured your father in law very well. That is amazing.

I was driving today in the snow/rain. I am also looking forward to flowers as I have started a number of plants inside.

Regards, Alison

Paul and Lois said...

Hi Char,
One of Dad's sayings was, "April shower may bring flowers." He did like to twist things around, didn't he?