Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Special Delivery

His first coming
for Mary
   for Joseph
for their parents
   for their friends

Such a message
   such a burden
      such an inconvenience
         such misunderstanding
such blind obedience

In time
   understanding came
A light came
from outer darkness
to earth's darkness
   to illuminate
      to make a way plain
to shine for all to see

Some see
   some remain blind
some choose to see
   some refuse to see

God still breaks through
   time and space
God still invites us
   to partner with Him
offering hope
   to the hopeless
offering love
   to the unlovely
offering bread at midnight
   to strangers
transforming lives
   making all things new

When He asks you
    it may be

Will you offer
   blind obedience
to deliver God's miracle
   for someone?