Saturday, November 20, 2010


I get easily distracted but today was the ultimate. I can hardly believe I allowed this to happen.

The plan was to scoot to the mall and purchase some needed garments, returning in time for a skype date with my husband.  I started the car and let it run for a while to warm up (temperature is hovering in the minus mid teens C.  Not one to ever just sit still, I started cleaning the snow and ice off the driveway. A half hour later, I'm on a roll, turn off the car, and keep scraping ice. 

By the time I was done, it was too late to do a quick shopping trip and be home in time for my date. I also fed the birds. They have scolded me this past week as the temperatures plunged, the snow piled up, and their natural food supply disappeared.

Did I really just clean my driveway instead of going shopping?
My sore back is already affirming my stupidity.  Ah, but the birds will be happy and reward me with their antics outside my front window.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Wear Your Robe

My mornings are usually slow and meaningful.
Today I rise and prepare for a typical first-of-the-morning stint in the kitchen.

Mornings are often spent in my night clothes, without a robe to cover up. It's comfortable and sometimes I do my best thinking and writing during these casual mornings.  And yes, on occasion, I have been caught by a delivery person, early afternoon, still in night gear. I do throw on a coat before opening the door to receive my parcel.

This day, my husband and son are already gone but I hear Gabi, our border, still present. She has seen me in nightclothes before so I'm not concerned. A nudge from somewhere suggests I put on a cover up robe.  It's winter and cold, so I put on a heavy, warm terry robe before leaving the bedroom.

En route down stairs to the main floor I notice Gabi sitting by the front window waiting for her ride. And, I hear a noise in the kitchen.  Has my son not gone to work?  Then I see a stranger emerge.  He is young and handsome (even without my glasses).

I discover he is waiting for a ride too, a friend of Gabi's, sheltering from the very cold temperatures outside.

How grateful I am for that still small voice prompting me to 'wear a robe'. I am also grateful I chose to obey.