Monday, December 26, 2011

Robert Fulghum

One of my favorite authors is Robert Fulghum,
                         All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten.

Here are some reflections from 'the kindergarten man' ...
             things he learned after kindergarten:
- some teachers only appear later in life,
             when time and life experience make one receptive to the instruction
- there is no 'they', only 'us'
- you can get used to anything  
           (personal comment: sometimes that's good; sometimes it's not good; 
            much discernment needed)
- a well-lived life is always under construction
- what we have to say is less important than what we have to do
           "Be less concerned that your children do not do as you say;
             rather, be concerned that they are watching you ALL the time."
            (personal comment: not just our children are watching us all the time...
             so are our neighbors, our colleagues at work and in business, 
             the clerks and other customers at the store, etc. etc.)
- Never mind the credo, show me the life.

I find his stories and essays often humorous and usually thought provoking.