Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Someone's got my back covered

Renovations are really starting to get to me....I was pretty grumpy yesterday.
Actually, it's not the renovations per se, but all the chaos and dirt and dust and ....
My 'sanctuary' is almost non existent....has been for weeks and will continue so for at least another three or more weeks.

And, all the decisions....this color or that? this hardwood or that? this tile or that? 
this counter top or that?  this light fixture or maybe that one? 

Hubby and I return home from picking up tile samples during which Stan and I 
had a few words. O.k.,  mostly I had words, and they weren't particularly kind. 
To say I was having a bad attitude attack would be an understatement. 
Poor Stan...he puts up with a lot sometimes. 
We haven't looked for a divorce lawyer yet, but I have put him on notice
I WILL NOT go through another renovation while living in the space being renovated 
(not that we are planning to renovate in Rosebud, but just saying...) 
If there is another renovation in our future, I will take an extended vacation to Memphis or Phoenix or  Saskatchewan, while it is in progress...decisions be damned...someone else can make them and I'll try hard not to complain about the choices made as long as I don't have to endure the pain of renovating. 

After arriving home, bad attitude still intact, I decide to pack some keepsakes/collectibles.
I grabbed a newspaper from a pile soon to be recycled, and, what's that 
falling to the floor? A letter from a bank?  Oh my. It was a T5 I needed for income tax purposes
and almost discarded into recycling with the pile of papers.

Apparently God was covering my backside in this one, and chose to humble me into a better mood.

I am grateful. 

While out for a long walk yesterday afternoon (in the beauty of sunshine on a heavy blanket of new snow accompanied by warm temperatures) I contemplated planning a 'renewal of wedding vows' ceremony for our 44th anniversary this summer. With God covering my back and keeping me humble  our marriage should survive this renovation and major move in tact.

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Jenn said...

He's got you, it will survive. We will succeed in all things if we bend to Him - reeds bruised but not broken. I feel exhausted just reading about all the decisions... Whew