Sunday, April 17, 2011

Today I am grateful for:
-         Some sunshine
-         Snow stopped falling
-         Robin song
-         People who shovel their sidewalks
      making an afternoon walk more pleasant
-         Ability and privilege of listening to an excellent essayist/story teller while walking, thereby challenging my mind for the stories and essays I determine to write
-         The reminders and challenges of the Easter story powerfully presented by the Worship and Arts community of our church, with their usual commitment to excellence
-         Hearing about God at work in Nepal and being given an opportunity to partner with a project that will empower disabled people in that country to reach their nation with the gospel; and, hearing amazing stories of how God continues to work through ‘the least of these’.
-    hearing how two medical professionals invested their lives in Nepal, planting seeds of hope, yet not seeing the fruit of their labors until now, many many years later. A lesson in perseverence.
-         Discovering why one of my ‘to do’ projects of the past week met obstacle upon obstacle and remained frustratingly undone…some of the material I needed for said project were delivered to me today, though the person doing the delivery knew nothing of all this.
     An 'ah ha' moment for me.

And the day is not yet over J

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