Thursday, April 28, 2011

More Snow - Bah Hum Bug

While my son dodges tornadoes in Tennessee,
we shovel snow
in April, May, June, July??
and dodge unexperienced or careless drivers
on snow packed, or slushy, or icy roads.

While people in Japan
dig through rubble, mud and debris
looking for lost loved ones, and begin to rebuild
their earthquake and tsunami ravaged lives,
we shovel snow.

While people in many countries
dodge bullets and grenades,
or flee their homes
because of rocket and rebel attacks,
we shovel snow.

The white stuff looks rather pretty today.
If I wait long enough,
it will melt from the sun's warmth
and I won't have to shovel snow.

I miss the spring flowers, the greenery on trees,
the spiritual lift that comes from new life in nature;
but today, I'll watch the snow melt,
say prayers for many who battle larger life issues than snow in spring,
and choose joy.

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Dixie-Lee said...

very nicely written.