Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Perpetual Winter? Narnia?

I don't recall finding a hidden door in a wardrobe?  Am I in Narnia's Kingdom of Perpetual Winter? If I am, then Aslan is nearby too.  I shall be on the lookout for him.

Knowing Calgary (my home) was the second coldest place on earth today makes it all worthwhile. I feel so special and privileged to live here.

I am grateful there were no other vehicles nearby when I lost control of my vehicle today while making a left hand turn. The ice took control and I just sat there wondering where I would end up. Pretty much did a 360. And I thought I was driving according to the road conditions, slow enough to execute my plans.   I felt a tad embarrassed. Wake up call acknowledged.  Did I mention I'm grateful no one else was near enough to be involved in this potential disaster?  Whew!

My son says, "Put winter tires on that car!" He insists winter tires make all the difference in controlling a vehicle on ice.
My husband reminded me that slipping a car into neutral gear takes the push off the drive thereby making it much easier to control.  I knew that! just forgot this technique over the intervening snow free months since last winter.

I am grateful for the promise of warmer temperatures coming to rescue us from despair.

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