Monday, November 22, 2010


I was surprised, and pleased, this morning to automatically receive an advent devotional in my email. I signed up for this last year and were it not for their automated efforts, advent would likely be half over before I engaged.

'The Christmas season is here'! message is difficult to ignore. Retailers happily sharing Christmas music and encouraging us to deposit money in their cash registers; promotions for Christmas concerts and Christmas plays or movies abound challenging us to attend their events; family members asking, "Are we doing Christmas at your house this year"? "When are we doing the family gathering? 24th? 25th? 26th"?  "Are we doing turkey or ham"?

I am grateful for the reminder to take a few moments for reflection about the reason for this season. Christ willingly left His home of glory and comfort to show us how to live in a world that has gone so very wrong. We celebrate His arrival.

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