Friday, November 19, 2010

Wear Your Robe

My mornings are usually slow and meaningful.
Today I rise and prepare for a typical first-of-the-morning stint in the kitchen.

Mornings are often spent in my night clothes, without a robe to cover up. It's comfortable and sometimes I do my best thinking and writing during these casual mornings.  And yes, on occasion, I have been caught by a delivery person, early afternoon, still in night gear. I do throw on a coat before opening the door to receive my parcel.

This day, my husband and son are already gone but I hear Gabi, our border, still present. She has seen me in nightclothes before so I'm not concerned. A nudge from somewhere suggests I put on a cover up robe.  It's winter and cold, so I put on a heavy, warm terry robe before leaving the bedroom.

En route down stairs to the main floor I notice Gabi sitting by the front window waiting for her ride. And, I hear a noise in the kitchen.  Has my son not gone to work?  Then I see a stranger emerge.  He is young and handsome (even without my glasses).

I discover he is waiting for a ride too, a friend of Gabi's, sheltering from the very cold temperatures outside.

How grateful I am for that still small voice prompting me to 'wear a robe'. I am also grateful I chose to obey.


Lois said...

Yes, good job that you were listening and obeyed that voice.
It allowed you to avoid embarassment for both of you.

Char said...