Thursday, September 9, 2010

Memphis Musings

Mighty Mississippi - a nice evening walk along it's banks, being serenaded by Cicada's. It flows quite fast and is very wide past downtown Memphis. Memories of Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn come to mind and I wonder if young lads still float down this river on home made rafts seeking adventure.

Vegetation - huge oak trees everywhere providing wonderful limbs for swings in a yard; vines everywhere...some look like attack vines from a scary movie; vegetation everywhere responding to the heat and humidity.

Bird Song - blue jays' loud call and stunningly beautiful serenade from a mysterious bird well hidden in a large tree.

Cicada - very loud noise, sounding like a million of these creatures sit just overhead, then their 'music' stops in an instant as if a maestro is conducting their choir.

Silk Worms - making messy homes in trees, destroying vegetation, and dangling from the trees while scouting for a new location to build yet another home....makes me wonder why some industrious entrepreneur hasn't started a business of harvesting them and putting them to good work creating American Silk.

Playground Equipment - reminding me of a playful octopus, with two bodies, green arms, and an elephant trunk nose, sitting in a puddle of water (recycled tires painted blue). I have a very active imagination which comes in handy when playing with grandchildren.

Grandchildren - living too far away; as I'm dropped off at the airport for my return home, 4 year old Maisie excitedly says, "Gramma, you can hop on a plane and come for a sleepover any time you want to."

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