Monday, June 22, 2009

While I ponder something to be grateful for, I catch sight of movement in my back yard. Upon exploration I discover two young (teen?) robins, one on the fence, the other on my patio couch just outside the window. I take a closer look. The tummy area is speckled with hints of red, hence my thought they must been teens. The bird on the couch flew off and lightened his load before leaving....poop! grrrr ... so I'm still pondering gratitude.

Actually, I always have lots to be grateful for and today is no exception. It's very easy to let small things capture our mood, and once ingrained, the negativism can easily explode and splatter everyone within earshot.

Someone once said, "What you focus on grows." That applies to positive and negative emotions. It's our choice to make our lives positive by focusing on positives, especially during events that cause negative feelings.

I am so grateful to have discovered our reclining patio chairs to be the most comfortable chairs in our house. I can sit and rise without pain and they allow me to rest and even to accomplish various tasks. They will be used both inside and outside the house, all year long. What a wonderful discovery.

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