Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Apple Blossoms and Owls

After spending a fabulous week in Edmonton with 4 grandchildren who were wonderfully good, I came home to discover that spring indeed had come to Calgary to stay. The trees in our front yard were covered in blossoms and I was very grateful that I got to see them dressed in their pretty colors (two trees, one pink, one white). These blossoms do not last long and are already dropping all over our driveway and front steps, messy but beautiful none the less.

Then we went for a walk in the neighborhood and were blessed with a sighting of the owls that have nested nearby for several years. We saw the parents and one baby but were informed by neighbors there are three babies this year. We hope to get a picture to post before they head off into the country.

My husband takes great delight in talking to animals (except pigeons) and started hooting. The baby was hunkering down for a nap and immediately stood up to see what was attempting to communicate. His mother, watched from a nearby rooftop and eventually convinced it to settled down again. They must have been preparing for their nightly hunt and junior needed some rest before heading out.

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